When Should I Replace my HVAC system?

AC Repair SummervilleMost HVAC systems last for 16-20 years. But like any other machines, heating and cooling systems may break down occasionally and stop working properly. When this happens, figuring out whether to repair or replace them can be quite tricky. Of course, involving your HVAC contractor will be helpful, but in case you have to figure this out by yourself, there are fundamental ways to determine when to replace the entire system. Below are some guidelines on when you need to replace your HVAC system from the leader in AC repair Summerville please visit them at BarrusHeatingandAir.com.

If the HVAC system is more than 12 years old

The age of your heating and cooling system is a significant factor of consideration when determining whether or not to replace it. If your system starts acting up and it is over 12 years old, then it is advisable to replace it rather than doing repairs over and over. At this age, the system will start breaking down more often, and while repairs may seem pocket-friendly, you will notice that they may cost you as much as a replacement would.

Do a replacement if there has been a breakdown of major parts.

If major parts of your HVAC system like the furnace’s heat exchanger or the air conditioner’s compressor untimely breakdown, you should consider replacing the entire system. Some technicians may advise you to do repairs, but as a matter of fact, a significant failure may result in other parts of the system breaking down also.

When the utility, maintenance, and repair costs get start getting too high.

If you notice your heating and cooling system needs frequent repairs and the utility and maintenance expenses start approaching several thousand dollars, then the system may have become a lot less efficient. You need to replace it. Even if the system is just 9 or 10 years old, you may save up to 40 percent of your energy and maintenance costs by having it replaced with a more efficient model.

If there have been any safety issues

Older HVAC systems may start exposing you to some safety risks. For instance, heating systems more than ten years old are more likely to have cracks in the heating exchangers which allow carbon monoxide to slip through into your house. An undetected carbon monoxide leak can be fatal. Again, there may be electrical issues in your old HVAC system. The fuses may short out, and the connection points may get weak. This may expose your home to a dangerous fire. If there have been any safety issues, consider replacing your old system.

If your home is too cold or too cold

If there is lack of comfort in the house or some rooms of your house, then there could have been poor installation, improper operation of equipment or the size of the HVAC system is not the right one for your home. So instead of staying in an uncomfortable home for years, just replace the entire system.

It is worth noting that having an HVAC system over 12 years old does not mean that you automatically have to replace it. In fact, some will last for over 15 years without causing any significant problems. Again, as much as you will need to involve a technician before deciding to replace, don’t do it just because the technician said you have to. There are situations when a repair is a viable option.