Myrtle Beach HVAC Maintenance Tips

You would not drive your car over 100,000 miles without servicing it, would you? Just like a car, the Myrtle Beach HVAC system in your home is a machine that needs regular servicing to keep it running as it should, at optimal levels. While you can perform some HVAC maintenance yourself, it always advisable to hire a professional to do the job for you. For your home heating and air conditioning systems to run efficiently, you will need to perform maintenance at least two times a year.
Below are some maintenance tips for your HVAC system from

Myrtle Beach HVAC1. Occasionally, call in a technician to inspect the control box to ensure that the wiring, relays, capacitors, circuit boards, and other accessories are in good shape.

2. Check the flame of your furnace system to see if it is strong and blue. A flickering yellow or orange flame could mean there is a problem with combustion or it could be a sign of carbon monoxide presence. Call in a technician to have it checked out.

3. Make sure there is no furniture, plants or drapes blocking the vents. This ensures there is proper air flow.

4. Change the furnace filter if it is dirty or clogged. Furnace filters clog quickly, and this makes the blower to work a little harder than it normally should making the entire unit run less efficiently and use a lot of energy. It is recommended that you replace the filters every 30-90 days.

5. Check the fan belts, say, twice a year and see to that they are clean, properly tightened, and free from cracks. Replace any sagging, cracked or frayed belts.

6. If you hear any strange noises like a banging or clanging from your system, call in a technician. This could be a sign of broken or worn out parts.

7. Remove debris like leaves, dust, twigs, pollen, etc. from your heat pumps and air conditioning units. You can use a hose without a spray attachment to wash dirt from your AC and heating systems. Also, clear plants and branches encroaching the outside units so that they can pull in fresh air.

8. Inspect the refrigerant lines regularly to see that they are adequately insulated. Replace any damaged or missing insulation.

9. Clean the condensate drain by pouring water mixed with bleach down the condensate tube every 90 days. This will keep it free from mold and algae.

10. Examine the fan outside the condenser to see if it is working effectively. Change damaged or cracked blades. If the fan doesn’t work correctly, the AC compressor may be damaged.

11. Occasionally, say in summer, give the humidifier a vacation. Turn off the water supply to your furnace humidifier. When the cooler days approach, replace the humidifier pad, set the humidity between 35-45 percent and then turn the water supply back on.

12. Inspect for any gas leaks in your furnace system.

To sum this up, it is worth mentioning that to maintain your HVAC system warranty; many HVAC manufacturers require that you do preventative maintenance annually. So remember to check your warranty to know when your system needs professional maintenance.