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Houses for Sale in Charleston SC | Sell in a Buyer’s Market

When in a buyer’s market, you have to really be at the mercy of potential buyers because they literally have their choice of hundreds of houses in just a small radius. If they don’t instantly fall for your house, they know that they have a dozen more to look at today and will be able to find one they instantly connect with ion different levels. Staging your houses for sale in Charleston SC correctly could get those buyers emotionally invested so they make an offer in fear of someone else coming and taking the house from under them.

Here are a few effective ways to prepare your home to sell from will have buyers making offers rather than looking at other homes in your neighborhood.

Houses for Sale in Charleston SCTo get a buyer emotionally invested, they have to fall in love with the exterior too. Many potential buyers simply drive around looking for for sale signs, and they will pass your house in the blink of an eye if the outside doesn’t grab them. Invest the money with a professional landscaping company so they can trim trees, bushes, hedges, and give the exterior a fresh and inviting look.

Once you gran the potential buyers, you have to be able to get them excited once they walk in the door. A professional cleaning service will eliminate odors and restore the look to curtains, windows, flooring, and upholstery.

Rent a storage unit in town and start boxing up anything you are not going to need in the next six months. Label the boxes easily in case you have to get something in a pinch. The less clutter in your house, the bigger it appears to a potential buyer. This can make your home appear bigger than it really is.

Take down all personal pictures from around the house. The idea here is to give the buyers the ability to imagine their belongings in the house. The more neutral the decor, the easier they will get emotionally connected to it.

If a buyer has asked to see the house, take the kids and pets and disappear for an hour. Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than seeing the family moping around on the couch waiting fr them to leave.

Clean closets, garage, and attic, because these buyers are going to look inside every door that they can when they are wandering around your house today.

Now that you see how effective these staging techniques can be, get working on them before the right buyer passes right by the house.